Centru pt. minori neacoupariati, victime a traficului de persoane, Centru Regional, ANITP

Contact Person: Crisan Cornelia
Contact info: nelyc23@yahoo.co.uk, 0723908896, 0236/410999
Interview by: Joseph Martin

Victim Referral-
This is a regional ANITP center.  Victims are referred directly by the border police, police, or other National Agency references. Median age for minors is 16 years old, usually with an education of 6th or 7th grade.  Minors are primarily trafficked for sexual exploitation.  Adult victims are primarily in their early 20’s, exploited for work, begging as well as sexual exploitation.

The Galati regional center runs a shelter for minors with 6 beds and a shelter for adults.  They serve Galati, Braila, and Vraucea counties.
For minors school reintegration is provided.  However, if there is a large difference between age and current class level, they use “2nd Chance”. 
For adults, qualification courses are arranged through the Ministry of labor, money for courses from the government as well as private sources.  Examples of work reintegration include jobs in manicure shops/salons.  The center attempts to maintain relationships with victims’ family members, though this is difficult.  Family members are allowed to visit, though they often do not have sufficient funds.  Visits can be made to family members, though transport is expensive and funds are not often available.  Therefore, most contact is over the phone. 

The center reports that they do experience the re-victimization of their beneficiaries, though this often happens after victims have turned 18 and are considered to be engaging in prostitution. 

The center experiences instances of overcrowding.  In these situations, they utilize nearby county centers.  If a victim has a child, they can also utilize the Centru Maternal, though this is not ideal as this center does not have services specific to trafficking victims. 

Beneficiaries leaving the center depends on progress as determined by the psychologist, but many victims leave the center when they turn 18.
Length of Stay-
Beneficiaries stay at the center from 2 months to 1 year.

Employees include:
medical assistant
social worker
Lawyer (from dgaspc)
‘Instructor’ (8hr. shifts) /night supervisor is one of the instructors (they help make food, cleaning, etc.)

Shelter Facilities-
Center is an apartment with one room for boys and one for girls and a living room.
The Galati center does not currently have a place for adults, the previous location was determined by the police to be no longer secure, therefore they are in the process of finding a new location for the shelter. 
Panic button, location is kept secret, collaboration with local police
Financing is provided through the county.