Asociatia Betania

Contact Person: George Mihaila
Contact Info: 0745389909
Interview by: Joseph Martin and Gratiela Anghelus

Victim Referrals-
Victims are referred through collaboration with the ANITP and DGASPC.   They treated 8 victims of human trafficking in 2008.  Victims suffer from PTSD, and are primarily victims of sexual exploitation.  The average age is 21 years, with a maximum age of 28.  Average education level is 8th grade.  These were victims of trafficking both internally and externally. 

Asociatia Betania maintains a shelter as well as a separate reintegration program.  The shelter began in 2005 along with protocol with the department of Organized Crime through the Bacau Police. 
Beneficiaries who still need to finish school are enrolled in the 2nd chance program.  Betania collaborates with AJOFM for professional reintegration.  Beneficiaries are enrolled in a variety of job-training programs.  Counseling is provided as well. 

Length of Stay-
Beneficiaries can stay up to 1 year in the center/shelter, and up to 2 years in the reintegration program. 

After Care-
Beneficiaries receive up to 6 months monitoring after leaving the program.
Center coordinator, social worker, psychologist, and a reintegration coordinator.  At the center, beneficiaries do their own cooking and cleaning.  Because beneficiaries are over 18, there is no need for 24 hour supervision. 
Shelter Facilities-
In the assistance center there are 8 beds.  The center is located on the perimeter of the city of Bacau.  They have not yet had a problem with overcrowding. 
Funding is through a PIN project.

Costs for beneficiaries are 10 mii de lei/person/year. 

Betania staff observed that working with victims in reintegration is difficult as most want to find ways to make money without “working a full day”. 
Rules are in place for the well-being of the beneficiaries, including a ‘no drugs, no sex’ policy.  Beneficiaries are not permitted to visit members of the opposite sex after 4 pm. 
Beneficiaries receive 8 RON ‘pocket’ money/day.