Asociatia Sinergii

Contact person: Crisan Vasile
Contact info: 0722/ 519115, e-mail:
Interview with: Crisan Vasile, President, Maria Coman, social worker, Ms. Florina, Psychologist
Interview by: Joseph Martin and Gratiela Anghelus

Victim Referral-
While operating direct services for victims of human trafficking, referrals came from the IOM. 

 Asociatia Sinergii’s family support center in Medias currently runs the following programs:
-A day center for at risk youth (4-14 years of age).
-A counseling center
-Center volunteers
-Since 1998, Asociatia Sinergii has set up plays in the pediatric department at the municipal hospital.  Work here with children is now done by center volunteers.

Mr. Crisan attended a conference where he established a partnership with the IOM through which Asociatia Sinergii’s staff would offer counseling services to victims of human trafficking.  Following the IOM partnership protocol, Asociatia Sinergii received a training course on assisting victims of trafficking.  The IOM program includes a pre-set intervention plan for a 3 month period followed by up to 6 months of psychological counseling and up to 9 months from where the victim can still receive financial support.  The goal for this period is:
-finding a job
-enrollment in a vocational training program
-formation of social skills
-motivation for societal reintegration
-Victims in this program also participated in a survey initiated by the IOM. 
When a new case is brought to the attention of the social workers and psychologists at Asociatia Sinergii, the survey was analyzed and an individual plan is made.
Education and medical services were covered by the social worker.  Specialized counseling was offered depending on the need of the victim.  If victims were not able to come to the center, Asociatia Sinergii staff would travel to the victim’s location.  These services were offered for 4 years with only 6 victims having been assisted.  The collaboration between IOM and Asociatia Sinergii was concluded 3 years ago. 

Length of Stay-
Beneficiaries received up to 6 months of counseling services. 

Beneficiaries were eligible for financial assistance for up to a total of 9 months. 

1 psychologist, 1 social worker, President, secretary and volunteers. 
The association’s headquarters consists of 2 offices for the psychologist and social worker, a multi-purpose room for extra-curricular activities for at-risk youth, and a secretary’s office.
The main funding for Asociatia Sinergii is from “Bless the Children” a parent organization in London.  Funding also comes from UNICEF, Phare, and in 2008 raised 24,000 RON through a charity ball.  Funding during the period of direct care to trafficking victims came from the IOM.

(During the direct assistance period) For each victim assisted through the program, the program was given 150 Euros for each case.  From this amount, the cost of specialists, services and local transport was covered.

Program beneficiaries were primarily sexually exploited victims between the ages of 18 and 22, from rural areas with a maximum educational level of 8th grade. 
Of the 6 victims who received services, one was sent to “Reaching Out” to receive further services.
During the interview, Ms. Coman and Ms. Florina spoke about some of the challenges in their work with trafficking victims.  These challenges included:
1. The attitude of society: i.e. discrimination towards victims in their home community for reasons such as the victim comes from a dysfunctional family.
2. Identifying the victims and granting status.  Staff from the IOM dealt with the authorities to receive financial aid from state
3. The victims would give up counseling because of a lack of motivation.
4. Finding a job to prepare victims for post-program life.
5. Inability to use social networking as a resource for victims due to the victim’s fear of prejudices.