Contact Person: Gabriela Chiroiu
Contact Info: 021-233-2134,
Interview by: Joseph Martin and Gratiela Anghelus

Victim Referral-
Victims are referred to Caritas’ services by partnering NGO’s as well as other branches of Caritas Europe.
Caritas Bucharest is not a shelter and does not provide direct services to victims of human trafficking, but collaborates with other NGO’s, primarily with ADPARE in Bucharest to facilitate professional reintegration for victims. Caritas makes arrangements for the victims to enroll in training courses through the Ministry of Labor, and provides financial support for things like starting small businesses. 

Caritas provides their assistance on a “case by case” basis, meaning that there is no fixed plan of action for assisting a victim.  Ms. Chiroiu stated that most victims they work with desire to find work in their home communities.

Caritas has also carried out prevention campaigns.

Ms. Chiroiu said that Caritas intends to establish a victim’s shelter as well, but at this point there is no plan.  She also spoke about the difficulties of an undertaking like this, namely funding and a lack of specialized personnel.  Caritas has found that sources of external funding have become increasingly less consistent.