Contact Person: Bilc Ada Delia, Alina Iftode
Contact Info: 0731570525
Interview by: Joseph Martin and Gratiela Anghelus

Victim Referrals-
Referrals are made to the DGASPC through the authorities or other institutions.  In 2008 they assisted 6 victims of human trafficking.   5 cases were victims 14 years and under, 1 victim was 15.   2 victims were able to reintegrate into the family.  Victims were exploited for sexual exploitation and forced begging. 
The DGASPC maintains an emergency care center with 18 spots.   They provide counseling for the exploited children.
Services include: Medical care in collaboration with the local hospital.
In 2005 DGASPC Bacau ran a prevention campaign.  Counseling and educational reintegration services are provided. 

Length of Stay-
Length of stay is 3-6 months.
After Care-
Monitoring is done over a period of 3-6 months
Staff include 15 employees including psychologists, supervisors, social workers, and a lawyer.
Shelter Facilities-
The shelter is within the DGASPC headquarters and includes beds for up to 18 children. 

The building is surrounded by a gate and access is limited.  Collaboration with the police also provides security. 
In 2007, 5 cases of trafficking were referred to the DGASPC, only 3 of these cases were officially confirmed as trafficking.  All three of the confirmed victims were reintegrated with their families within 3-6 months.