DGASPC Suceava

Contact Person: Bogdan Hariton
Contact Info: bogdan_hariton@yahoo.com, 0744350186
Interview by: Joseph Martin and Gratiela Anghelus

Victim Referrals-
Victims are referred from the ANITP.   The majority of victims seen at DGASPC Suceava are youth exploited for forced begging, at the time of the visit, they had seen 20 victims of this kind in the last three months.  Others were victims of sexual exploitation.
For the adult center, the average education level is 10th grade.

DGASPC maintains 12 spaces for youth, 6 for boys and 6 for girls.  They provide emergency shelter for up to 15 days.  They also provide counseling, medical and legal assistance. 
There is also a long term center in a different location.  This center for adults is focused on social and professional reintegration, but counseling services, legal and medical assistance including STV testing are also available.

Length of Stay-
15 days maximum for the transit center.
2-3 Months average for long-term.  Period of stay does not have a limit and depends on the needs of the beneficiary. 
After Care-
Beneficiaries receive up to 3 months monitoring after reintegration.
Human resources include 5 staff: a night supervisor, social worker, lawyer and a psychologist.  Outside medical assistance is used when necessary. 
Shelter Facilities-
The shelter is housed within the DGASPC building including offices, and two rooms with 6 beds each, one for boys and one for girls. There is a common area as well as bathrooms and a kitchen area, all within one section of the building separate from the other offices. 
The center for adults is located in a separate location on the edge of the city.  The facility is under-construction, but rooms for beneficiaries are in good condition. 
DGASPC collaborates with the police. 
Funding for the shelter program comes from the government through a partnership with Salvati Copiii. 
Food expenses include 8 lei per day per beneficiary.  Total monthly expenses depend entirely on the needs of the individual.