Contact Person: Madalina Ionescu
Contact Info: dgaspcvl@yahoo.com, 0250/734758, 0250/734270
Correspondence by: Joseph Martin

Victim Referrals-
In Valcea county there is an inter-institutional team (DGASPC Valcea, DGASPC Mehedinti, Olt DGASPC, DGASPC Dolj, Gorj DGASPC), which refers new cases of trafficking.  Annually, there are 3-4 cases of human trafficking in the county.
From August 2005 - December 2006, Valcea county, through the foundation “SOS Children Gorjului” instituted a PIN (Project of National Interest) for the “Reintegration and support for victims of trafficking”.
Services included a transit center for the protection and care of child victims of exploitation and trafficking.

Specific objectives:
- Protection and emergency medical assistance, psychological, and legal assistance.
- Rehabilitation and social reintegration services.
Expected results: family and community reintegration of repatriated children.

Results achieved:

Valcea DGASPC benefited thus from three employees who participated in courses organized by the foundation in the program. Also, the team established an inter-institutional protocol of cooperation between DGASPC, DSP, IPJ, AJOFM, DMSSF for the reintegration of victims.
In 2005, the National Authority for Child Protection has asked the General Directorate of Social and Child Protection Valcea agreement for the repatriation of 4 children, and prepare the social inquiry report and plan for individual family and community reintegration of children, to be returned home in the next period. During this period, there was no case of repatriation.