Contact Person: Palasamus Severus
Contact Info: 0720550989
Interview by: Joseph Martin and Gratiela Anghelus

Victim Referrals-
Victims are referred by the ANTIP, police or other institutions.  Victims of all types of exploitation are accepted into this shelter, including children as well as adults.  There were 10-11 victims who received assistance including shelter in Vasului in  2007, and 5 in 2008.  14 were assisted with repatriation.  90% of these victims were exploited for sexual purposes.  Victims were an average of 18 years.  They have not experienced any re-victimization up to this point. 

DGASPC Vasului maintains a new shelter (urgent care) for both kids and adults.  There are 12 spaces in the shelter, which is in a rural location about 80KM outside of Vasului.  Besides shelter and counseling, services are focused on social and professional reintegration.  A plan for reintegration is made within 10 days of the victim’s arrival at the shelter.  Visits with family members can be had at the DGASPC office in Vasului. 
Length of Stay-
Beneficiaries’ length of stay is dependent upon their needs and length of time required to reach reintegration.

After Care-
Beneficiaries receive up to 6 months of monitoring after leaving the shelter.
Personnel include a psychologist, a social worker, a lawyer, and a medic (in Vasului).  There is 24-hour supervision by shelter staff.   There are also two employees for cleaning, however, beneficiaries do cleaning and cooking themselves. 
Shelter Facilities-
The shelter consists of 6 bedrooms, two living rooms, offices, Kitchen, and two bathrooms.  It is located in an undisclosed rural area outside of the city. 
The shelter’s main security asset, according to Mr. Palasamus, is its remote location.  There is also 24 hour supervision.   Security is also ‘ensured’ by border police.
This is a PIN project.
The cost to provide services is about 1800 RON/Person/Month, including meals and services.