Generatia Tanara

Contact Person:  Mariana Petersel, President
Contact Info:
Interview by:  Joseph Martin

Victim Referral-
Victims are referred by police and other NGO’s.  There are no conditions in terms of age or gender for who can be admitted to this program. 

Generatia Tanara is a private shelter in Timisoara that provides reintegration services to trafficking victims.  Another function of the organization is assisting refugees, primarily with work assistance.
They provide all services needed to their beneficiaries including: food and shelter, legal, medical, psychological and transportation.  The program has been in operation since '97.

Shelter Location-
Generatia Tanara is located on a small side street away from the center of the city.  From the street it appears to be a normal house, with the exception of the gate and security booth in front. 
Length of Stay-
There is no limit on length of stay, although an average length of stay is 1 year.
 There are 7 staff and 24 Volunteers.  Staff includes social workers, lawyers, medical professionals, and a psychologist. 
The program is funded by outside grants, which is regarded by Mariana as a good thing, as this means they do not have to comply with certain Government restrictions or modalities.

Mariana is enthusiasitc about the idea of including job training in the reintegration process, and goes on to describe situations where girls are led down this path out of financial desperation.  The feeling of the center was very warm and open, as many people came in and out of the office throughout my visit, including some of the beneficiaries.