Program Model Outline (Draft)

  1. Goal:               Assisting 6 human trafficking victims in building autonomy.

  2. Objectives:     To provide the means by which beneficiaries can receive assistance in the areas of     mental health, professional development, and community reintegration

  3. Beneficiaries: sexually exploited women                      

  1. Phase no. 1

Location: apartment in a city area: Cluj Napoca, Turda, Campia Turzii

Facilities: 2 rooms for emergencies, 2 rooms for offices, kitchen, 2 bathrooms

Length of stay: up to 10 days


  • medical services, tests

  • legal help

  • basis needs: food, clothes

  • crisis counseling

  • orientation in the next steps


  • crisis counselor

  • case manager

  • social worker

  • 1 cleaning/ cooking person

  • accountant

  • partnership with lawyer and a medical association

    2. Phase no. 2

Location: Building in the country side

Facilities: 4 rooms with 2 beds each, 1 big kitchen, 1 living room, 1 bathroom

Separate entrance: 2 offices, kitchen, 1 bathroom

  • big garden, animals: horses, goats, dogs.

Length of stay: up to 9 months


  • psychological: Needs improvement

a) occupational therapy: manicure/ pedicure, vegetables/ animals, tailor, art therapy: first 6 months

b) group therapy:


  • social reintegration:

a) work with family

b) problem solving

c) professional reintegration: from the month 6th through the month 9th .
a) going back to school

b) getting a training in any field

c) job hunting


  • care taker

  • 1 social worker/ case manager

  • 1 psychologist

  • 1 key worker- depends on the type of therapy

    3. Phase no. 3

    Location: apartment in a city area: Cluj Napoca, Turda, Campia Turzii

    Facilities: 2 rooms with 2 beds each

Length of stay: up to 11 months


  • monitoring the beneficiary situation: social, psychological,

  • assistance in accommodation with the job

  • assistance in administering money


  • case manager/ social worker

  • psychologist