Reaching Out

Contact Person: Iana Matei
Contact Info:, 0733044711
Interview by: Joseph Martin and Gratiela Anghelus

Victim Referrals-
Victims arrive at the shelter through referrals by the police, NGO’s in destination countries or in Romania and the BCCO (Office of Organized Crime). Victims residing at the shelter are both minors and adults.  Minors arrive at the shelter following a court decision. 
Social workers at the shelter assist with job-hunting.

Job training is provided on an individual basis depending on the interests of the beneficiary. 

“Social reintegration” takes place in the form of responsibilities given to beneficiaries.  Cooking, cleaning, and making menus with a budget are some of the daily responsibilities that must be met by the beneficiaries.

Beneficiaries receive both group and individual therapy sessions one time per week.  Additional sessions can be scheduled upon request and or need.  Assistance plans are determined on an individual basis. 
Length of Stay-
In average, beneficiaries stay for one year.  The range is from 6-7 months to 3 years (3 years possible for minors only).
After Care-
Victims are monitored through contact with social workers for 6 weeks after leaving the shelter. 
The staff includes four social workers, one psychologist and one accountant.  At least one social worker is present 24 hours a day. 
Shelter Facilities-
The shelter has 6 bedrooms with 2 beds each on the second floor.  The first floor consists of a living room, a multi-purpose room, offices and a kitchen.  The shelter is located on the outskirts of Pitesti, set on a hill so that it is removed from the road. 
‘Reaching Out’ utilizes a private security firm, which can be alerted using a panic button. 
Cameras are used to monitor all rooms in case of suicide attempts. 
The address of the shelter is not made public, a P.O. box is used for mail. 
‘Reaching Out’ is funded by the LIFT Foundation in the United States.
Costs include salaries, meals, transport, medicine, utilities, and mortgage. 
Operating costs average 5000 Euros/ month for 12 girls. 
When ‘Reaching Out’ began operating a shelter, they utilized apartments, but experienced problems with harassment, and found the switch to a central location to be beneficial. 

‘Reaching Out’ reports an 86% success rate with their beneficiaries.  This number is based on beneficiaries who complete their designed course of assistance.